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Running a small business is HARD! So is getting fit.

This year has been HARD.

I have been continually let down or I have continually made mistakes that have impacted projected progress.

Managing the unmanageable and controlling things outside my control.

I have been fully aware that aspects of my business activity have not achieved their potential at the time they were expected to. This was contrary to my carefully planned route to success.


My new gym HARD Fitness was 9 months late. There was absolutely NOTHING I could do to change that. As with any brand new business its overheads were FULL and fixed with its FIRST day, income minimal. TWO full time P.T’s on full money plus all the bills. That is a lot of money with no income. Remember I had/have a careful plan to success so I am fully aware.

At ‘Dynamo’ I started the year with a full compliment of trainee, competent and excellent personal trainers. Client retention good, motivation high with new business generation as expected.

My personal role at the beginning of 2 zero 1 seven was that of Operations Director. Making it all work if you will. I was not needed as a P.T. I had staff in place in every area with eager clients requiring the benefits of higher levels of personal fitness for a variety of personal events and goals: Iron man, marathon, white collar boxing, Kilimanjaro, wedding, beach and baby body etc etc , reductions or gains in body fat/mass, nutrition/hydration education, boxing tuition and competition. The list is LONG.


It is NOT easy getting fit, maintaining fitness and certainly not regaining lost fitness. My clients gravitate to me because they have tried all this societies tediously predictable quick fix methods of failure. Unlike the lottery the jackpot of fitness does not come on a lucky dip. You have to work HARD to reap the layers of reward that fitness gives you. When my clients realise they need assistance, they call me. I then analyse organise manage and deliver their goal set. I have two second to none facilities and the staff……..

Here comes my growth/success problem and the PRIMARY reason 17 has been HARD. Staff. The people that work for small companies like mine. I mentioned my struggles to find suitable people to other small business owners. They all just roll their eyes, throw their heads back laugh and give me that knowing look. So its not just me or my industry, this is a society wide personality trait.

The health and fitness industry is a vast multi billion money generator but if you look at it in depth, it is actually mainly shallow and without substance. Pills, potions, lifts, tucks, bands, supplements, performance enhancers, growth, fat burn etc etc. Rarely do you see an honest EFFORT equals SUCCESS campaign. Its all D list celebs with promises, cheap, quick or EXPENSIVE quick.

NO effort for REWARD.

It seems the job market is the same. I have had 6 that’s SIX trainee, trained, full and part time colleagues let me down this year. They all talk MASSIVE but ultimately want an easy life, high reward for low effort. One had stress issues. One had relationship issues. One hated mornings. One had no care. Two thought turning up was optional.


All six gave up giving it a go. With social media it is easy to see that none have swapped ‘Dynamo’ for anything better.

I am now back on the gym floor delivering people dreams. I have won two Queensbury boxing titles with 2 of my boxers and had half a dozen White collar wins with people that I trained. This has inspired others that watch to get involved and take part. Not just fighters. Not just men. Any human understanding that reward requires EFFORT.

Unlike the 6 staff that gave up giving it a go. I will NEVER give up giving your goal a go. Luckily for you nor will Adam, Lee, Louise, Dan, Rab or Jess These people are the backbone of your training team. 6- 7 including myself motivated doggedly determined individuals that understand the fit bit is HARD to achieve, littered with distraction, deviation and delusion You only have to look at the care that Adam takes in organising the training. Louise the nutrition. Lee all the performance. Dan being ginger and wearing shorts. Jess organising me to realise that until you quit we will keep on keeping on, on your behalf.




2 zero 1 seven has been a tough HARD year. OR….. 2 zero 1 seven has been the year of HARD. I just came out of a meeting with my bank manager. He is very impressed with the figures. Personally I know I need to do better. I have some reasons for achieving less this year than I wanted, they are though NOT excuses. I will be working longer. The 04:30 alarm and 21:00 finish will be even more regular. At least for the foreseeable future. I understand that my business needs more effort. The effort needs to be SUSTAINED to be EFFECTIVE.


Just like exercise. To get the benefit you have to put in the HARD graft. If I give up I will go broke. If you give up….



new toy 1

So last time I was discussing ‘consistency’. The REALITY is that consistency is pretty much ‘key’ to success on ALL levels. Not just in your health and fitness.  All relationships, lovers and love, family, friends, business. Everything needs consistency.

Being fit and healthy takes shed loads of consistent effort. Staying in a long term relationship takes shed loads of consistent effort. Making money same. These are THREE areas that are ‘primary’ to happiness in the 21st century.

It is funny how the last of the three on this list is the one that most humans concentrate on FIRST. Money.

FRESH…. fresh?…. what has ‘fresh’ got to do with anything?

FRESH my friends is how to stay consistent.

If you want to keep your woman/man happy keep it ‘fresh’

If you want to make more money keep it ‘fresh’

If you want to make more of your health and fitness….yep….KEEP IT FRESH!!

I am not going into a whole psychoanalytical tutorial as to the meaning of ‘fresh’ I am hoping that if you are reading this you have at least five brain cells and get it that ‘fresh’ means ‘interesting’, ‘new’, ‘varied’.  Not varied as in having multiple lovers whilst in a relationship. Not varied as in having multiple streams of (no) income. Not varied as in having gym memberships you do not use.

As a pro P.T.I this is my vocation, it is my reason to and for being. I do not do it for recreation but I do it for recreation.

Fresh 1

The above photo shows me and my woman after taking part in the ‘back to the trenches’ 10k recently. As you can see we are both ‘rotten’ freezing cold, wet through and covered in mud. (how do women keep their faces clean?)

The top photo shows a new piece of workout equipment I made recently for ‘Dynamo’.

Both pictures show new variety to keep things ‘fresh’.

We both do roadwork as a base to fitness. Generally we do not throw ourselves into freezing muddy water with hundreds of others.

We both punch bags as part of our boxing based workouts. Generally we do not punch a 70k truck tyre. (has to be one of THE best punch bags I have ever used).

I have been working out for about 45/6 yeas now. I should be bored shitless. I am not…… WHY?

Firstly I understand that MY fitness is THE priority in my life. I attribute time to my fitness BEFORE anything else. (sadly ‘most’ humans do not get this concept)

Second FIRSTLY I keep it FRESH. I consistently do not do the same workout.

If you are one of my clients, neither do you.