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Training Camp France

I leave with Jessie the chef (ok she is my woman but she is also a top cook and BRILLIANT with nutrition) and ‘Dyna’ the Bulldog (she is a Bull dog not a chef) for my fitness facility in Normandy France on Thursday morning 30/07/15.


I cant fookin wait!!

With just under a week to set up and prepare before the candidates arrive on 06/08/15 I will be up against it.

As with ‘anything’ worth doing/having/achieving there is LOADS of work to do prior to the commencement of 3 intense days. The course will be packed full. Effective movement, classroom ‘lessons’ on psychology, nutrition and hydration plus general pfhucking about in the French countryside. My training facility is a work in progress. I have built it from scratch by myself. It is NOT a 5 star pamper spa style place. More a NO nonsense ‘focussed’ on health and fitness without the BS.

This course has FOUR candidates and is a combined fitness course, what I mean by ‘combined’ is an amalgamation of skill sets. Boxing, Military and standard ‘gym’ type training. This gives me a WIDE range of useful effective and exciting training types to apply.


The candidates are both sexes, age from 30 to 62 are fit, unfit and Phfucked 🙂 Three of the candidates are current clients and one was a client about 5 years ago and is now a Personal trainer.

I have current knowledge of their training and medical background, on top of this I have also asked for THREE personal expectations they want from the weekend.

All this preparation puts me in the best possible position to deliver ‘expectation’.

When I was in the military both Royal Navy and Army taught me that …..

‘Prior preparation prevents PISS poor PERFORMANCE’

My preparation has been intense over the last couple of weeks. I have written a course to fit FOUR individuals with FOUR different objectives and TWEVLE different expectations. All within the SAME timeframe.

I am eager to get on the ground in France and get what I have written off the page. I am confident that my preparation will ‘over’ deliver on my clients expectation.

FOUR clients. FOUR objectives. TWELVE expectations. ONE acceptable outcome. SIMPLE not EASY.

See you in a couple of weeks.

Stay fit.


If you have any questions on this or any other blog then please e mail me I have taken the ‘comment’ option off due to all the idiots talking shite.

Its not what you do, its the ‘WAY’ that you do it.

Titter ye not!

Comedian, Frankie Howerd, on stage.

Comedian, Frankie Howard, on stage.

The ‘WAY’ you do IT is the single most important component to ‘effective movement’. (yes people, especially ‘THAT’ movement!!)

Ok if your objective is to ‘just’ move, then just move. However if your objective is to attain a result then the WAY you execute the movement is CRITICAL.

Every gym I have been in has mirrors. My gym is NO different. The difference between my gym and ‘other’ gyms is  that in most other gyms the mirrors get used by humans ‘looking’ at themselves and perving at others.

In my gym the mirror is used as an effective TOOL, another piece of equipment, a very VALUABLE piece of equipment strategically placed to assist my trainers and my clients in attaining ‘proper’ form.

Take a look at my ‘Dynamo’ Fb page pictures for some examples.

The mirror is not there for you to look at YOURSELF doing an exercise, it is there for you to look at the EXCECUTION of the exercise that you are being instructed to administer to yourself.


Attaining proper form is in my opinion, foundation training. If my client has ‘proper’ form then they are working off a stable base. The exercise is executed to maximise desired benefit. The risk of ‘movement’ injury is therefore minimised if not eradicated. It is a win, win, win. Quality form. Accelerated result. NO injuries.


Evander Holyfield wrote in an article titled ‘The mirror NEVER lies’  that I read some years ago, something like ‘If I can see an opening in the mirror, then my opponent can see the same opening’.


My boxing club has specific shadow boxing mirrors for my boxers to use, they look at their footwork and the ‘openings’ that their opponents may get presented with. They spend ‘hours’ working on aspects of offense and defence.

I have more women than men at ‘Dynamo’, most of them hate looking at themselves in the mirror. ALL of them get taught or are in the process of being taught that the mirror is a key tool to successful personal goal attainment. It is also the best progression monitor.

As a foot note.

If you have a mirror on your bedroom ceiling but do not have a ‘friend’ then may I suggest that it was not what you did, it was the way that you did it that renders you single. (well that and you being a wrongun)