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Archive for April, 2015

When I was 5

When I was 5 there were TWO things that I ‘really’ thought were a complete and utter waste of my time.

The first was SLEEPING, I never wanted to go to bed. I could sleep standing up for 2 seconds and that would do me for the rest of the week.

The second was EATING. Oh how I hated having to sit down and eat. Don’t get me wrong I could eat. I was a dustbin. I would eat anything in front of me. I just didn’t want to have to sit down to eat it. The whole process of eating when you are 5 is just so BORING. I can remember being ‘made’ to eat sssslowly. All I wanted to do was get it done and get on with being FIVE.

kids running


Being 5 involved a s*** load of running about. Eating and sleeping got right in the way of my running about.

As we get older we do lots more eating and sleeping and a lot LESS running about. As a result of this increased inactivity our waistline increases directly in line with our blood pressure and our reason to take MORE sleep.

There are studies on sleep. lots of ‘boffins’ have spent many hours researching sleep. These so called boffins came up with the EIGHT hour sleep is ‘best’ study. You may have seen a new study which suggests that FIVE hours sleep is better than 8 hours??

There are many studies on eating. Lots of ‘boffins’ have spent many more hours than the sleep boffins boffing about-about eating. There is SOOO much boffed up boffinisms on eating that I cannot even put just TWO examples for you to cogitate.


As for ‘movement’, there maybe even MORE studies on movement than there are on sleeping and eating put together. BOFFINS everywhere regarding movement. EVERYONE is a boffin on MOVEMENT!!

Ok so here is my ‘UNWRITTEN’ study (of which I have MANY)

If you are tired you will sleep well. If you sleep when you are tired you will sleep better than if you are ‘over tired’. Quality of sleep is worth much more than QUANTITY of sleep. To attain QUALITY sleep you need 2 things. First you need to be TIRED and then secondly (difficult to coordinate) having  the ability to sleep when you are tired will deliver the BEST quality sleep. Falling asleep at the wheel or directly after having sex are generally accepted as dangerous so best avoided.

Creating an exhausted state through movement will create a ‘quality’ sleep ‘state’. You can just CRASH out. Power nap springs to mind. like when I was 5. Run run play play run ‘crash’ repeat…….. Your body will recuperate in a fraction of the time. Unbelievable QUALITY sleep.

Point to note. If you eat copious amounts of food you will feel tired. This is not fatigue from movement, this is ‘digestion’ fatigue. It is neither quality NOR generally quantity sleep, although some people eat s*** loads and then sleep long.

Eating ‘well’ seems so BONE obvious to me but in today’s confused society full of ‘boffins’ expunging mainly ‘sponge’ on how and what to eat I understand it to be a difficult subject to ‘digest’. Let us not go into a tutorial BUT apply some common sense…. Eating loads of Pizza, drinking a litre of cola with spotted dick in this instance is NOT considered ‘eating well’. If you need more direction than that I am not the man to assist you.

spotted dick

In summary. 5 year olds know s***.

Sleep LESS.


Move MORE.

Have the energy of a 5 year old.