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Archive for September, 2015

Busy Busy but NO excuses!

This summer has been MENTAL!

Wedding in Paxos. What a LOVELY place.

Overseas events including parties in Spain and Dublin. The Barcelona Formula 1 Grand Prix. Le Mans 24 heures and my own training camp for those wanting to improve their fitness at my fitness facility in northern France.

Although a third of my client base has been away on holiday all through the summer we have been FLAT out!!

Some of that has been due to having at least ONE of my team of trainers off every week. (They need holidays too ) Mainly it has been because ‘Dynamo’ has been engaged by more clients wanting to increase their fitness levels.

Keeping humans in my charge focussed on the job of heath and fitness during holiday season is where I really earn my money. It is ridiculously easy to go on the piss, eat s*** and do f*** all.


Holiday season is over. All the clients are back in. I have got rid of one of my unreliable trainers but recruited another (seriously not easy to find quality AND reliability) Time will tell how good he is.

MORE candidates are enquiring about joining, so far this week I have taken on 4 new clients and it is only Tuesday!

It is going to be a busy last third of the year!

I am going to need to be fit for purpose. I need to be fitter. I need MORE energy. I need to work SMART and HARD!! Now more than EVER I need to eat the right stuff and train consistently. I need to be ALERT. I need to be physically STRONG. My days are 06:00 to 20:00 5 times a week. I need a plan. I have a plan. All I have to do is stick to the phuckin plan.




I suspect we are not too dissimilar?

Stay fit.


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