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  • checkbox icon Able to commit a weekend of intensive military training (a passport may be required)
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Session fees - France

Basic course: £295.00
Elite course: £395.00* includes weapons skills and combat phase

Military camps...

Tug of war France fitness camp training area France fitness camp room clearance drills (Elite Package Only) France fitness camp accommodation France fitness camp tyre drag Land Rover pull (SUV)

Dynamo Croydon fitness club bring you military fitness boot camp at its most authentic, run by ex ELITE services personnel. Our boot camps are not for someone who needs en suite facilities, or are scared of breaking a finger nail (and you fellas!), this is for guys and girls who are up for a challenge, people who fancy the out of the ordinary.

This is not running around Hyde Park, Clapham common or anywhere else with the hoorays in a high viz vests.

You will be up at sparrows fart on all boot camps.


The BASIC course (£295.00) is full on military fitness disciplines. Varied, taxing, exciting and adrenalised, it's delivered to you by ex-elite soldiers, guys that have passed "P" company, (The Parachute Regiments fitness test, one of the hardest fitness tests known to man) and "The Commando Course", which qualifies you to wear the coveted Green beret of the Royal Marines.


The ELITE (£395.00) course is for smaller groups and includes as extras to the basic course, technical green skills and a heightened mental awareness state "APPREHENSION / FEAR" as you will be put into a simulated combat scenario at the end of your training period.

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