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Archive for March, 2016


I am standing in a group of business people as a guest of a company owner showcasing his services.

As is the way with these gatherings complete strangers introduce themselves their products and services, as is also  ALWAYS the way with these gatherings finger food is served.

Generally its either a chicken goujon, vol au vents and wine affair OR its cake, juice and coffee.

This one was the latter, danish pastry, croissants, muffins and rock cakes washed down by some s*** coffee and sugar loaded ‘fruit juice concentrate’.

I notice a number of half eaten cakes. They look rough but you would think that the cake eater would at least either finish the cake or pop the unwanted portion into a bin….I digress.

Another invited business owner has sidled over, ascertained that I am in the health and fitness industry and is enthusiastically telling me about their ‘fantastic’ yogurt based culture laden probiotic natural digestion balancing drink. This Probiotic food stuff would be the answer to ALL my over design weight clients that struggle to manage their weight. No exercise or food management needed.

Pray tell says I..

‘Its ALL about the cultures you see’ ….If you have ‘bad’ cultures they make you eat bad things. If you drink my yogurty good stuff, you just do not want to eat that BAD stuff. The good ‘cultures’ balance your gut thus inhibiting the neuropathways requesting sustenance from fatty sugary sources.

So its not because people lack discipline and have no willpower says I.

No no noo, says said business owner, it’s the BAD cultures, drinking my yogurty good stuff will kill off the bad cultures and replace them with good cultures thus removing the cravings for sugary food stuff, pizza blah blah.

Oh says I.

I have to point out at this juncture that said business owner, creator and purveyor of yogurty good stuff is way over its design body weight and munching on a rock cake.

I point at said rock cake.

Culture creator wipes some crumbs from its face and gives a little giggle.

PROBIOLLOX says I, I know ALL about Probiollox. No Pro and No i, just BOLLOX.

There is only one way. The H.A.R.D way.


Human Anatomy Reorganisation Department.