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Delusion Destruction using DATA.

It is ALL about EFFORT!

We all know this, trouble is ‘delusion’ overrides EFFORT. Sadly delusion does not override desire it just frustrates it.


Here is a ‘mathematical?’ equation for you to ponder.


DESIRE+DELUSION=ZERO (followed by a f*** load of b******* excuses)

To beat a world record in anything takes planning. DATA is the key in the planning of a successful world record breaking attempt.

If you want to beat a world record without cheating then you have to take the cheating OUT of the world record attempt.


Obviously this statement is applied here in its purest form as DATA will always be applied to a ‘cheat’ world record.


Let us just imagine that ‘you’ are cheating on your effort thus falling into the ‘deluded’ category of humans with desire.

How can you STOP the cheating? DATA my friends. Use DATA.

We have discussed the mental aspects previously, we understand that it is 99% in the/your head. You ‘have’ to realise that a full on mind set change HAS to happen  if you are to achieve your ‘world record’.

DATA is the first weapon you have to fight personal delusion. There is lots of data to record. However as with anything you need a solid FOUNDATION of ‘basic’ data before you get ‘clever’ with data.

1. Record EVERY workout you do. DAY. DATE. TIME.

note pad

Seriously people I meet SO many humans that tell me they work out EVERY f****** day and eat like an athlete but strangely have not lost a pound, got faster, stronger etc and then when pushed we see that they have trained ONCE in the last month and ate mainly KFC! They booked time to go. They booked LOTS of time to go. (this booking time had a mental placebo/lie effect) They convinced themselves they were doing one thing when in reality they were doing another……..DELUDED.


OK, so if in the first instance you record WHEN you worked out. You would then have an ‘accurate’ record of if you  ‘actually’ did work out.

Initial DATA.


We can get simplistically clever after applying this first CRITICAL bit of DATA.

stop watch

I am sure you are intelligent enough to see where this is going. Data stops us being deluded. Data is the key to supplying ‘higher’ performance. In ALL areas data is key but within fitness performance, weight management, power out put, endurance, condition etc etc etc then DATA is SO important if you are NOT keeping records of what you are doing. Then I can guarantee that your ‘fitness/health’ desire will remain just that, a desire. You will convince yourself you are working hard and I will call you DELUDED.

Apply DATA. Destroy your DELUSION.




Physically MENTAL!

Are you f****** MENTAL?


Big question and depending on what context you apply, you should be actively wanting the answer to be a resounding YES!!

To clarify. The term MENTAL for the purposes of this blog is NOT directed at humans that actually ‘have’ a mental illness condition. Although it ‘could’ be as during my career as a pro PTI I have worked positively with ‘MANY’ humans using higher levels of fitness as a method of dealing with ‘issues’. Remember FITTER is BETTER.

Anyway, if you are actually ‘mental’ or want to be MENTAL. This blog is for YOU!

99% of fitness is in the head . We all know this. If you need to lose weight it is your mental strength that gets you to lose weight. It is not the healthy food stuffs and hydration that pass from hand to mouth to gut.

It is your ‘mental’ state.

I was at a family do last week and my younger brother suggested I was ‘mental’ whilst alluding to the exercise routines I partake in. He flippantly remarked ‘you probably do a marathon before breakfast’….. (I wish)

French love full English breakfast

Depending on who you ask regarding my mental state I am pretty certain he would be backed up by many.

It got me thinking about perception. I go to many business functions, generally these revolve around food and alcohol. I am always put on the spot by some chubby bright spark that is tucking into a ‘fat boy’ fry up or ‘spannered’ supping a pint…. ‘Oh you CANT eat this’… ‘I bet you do not drink do you’.. Sorry fella but I LOVE a fry up and a pint of beer (generally not at the same time).


I love these exchanges as it gives me an opportunity to do a tiny bit of mind-set manipulation. I am aware that people perceive me as some ‘mental’ fitness addict that only eats healthy, never drinks alcohol and runs everywhere. More utter bollox has not been assumed since David Cameron announced that ‘free’ childcare could be supported to 30hrs per week. MENTAL!

I eat s*** and drink beer. I just don’t do it all the time.

Does the weather stop you going for a run? No. It is your head that stops you going for a run. If you miss a split time on your run, I can almost guarantee that it will be what is going on ‘in’ your head that misses the split, not the food you ate etc pre event that missed the split.

Mentality is ‘everything’. To achieve a higher level in ANYTHING requires a higher level of mental activity.

Funnily enough if you go to the office/work at 04:30 and return at 22:00 whether you become minted or not you will be labelled a hard worker.

If you get up at 04:30, take exercise go to work, stay late. You will be called MENTAL.


Are you ‘f****** Mental’?

I do hope so.