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Posted by Dynamo on 24th March 2015

new toy 1

So last time I was discussing ‘consistency’. The REALITY is that consistency is pretty much ‘key’ to success on ALL levels. Not just in your health and fitness.  All relationships, lovers and love, family, friends, business. Everything needs consistency.

Being fit and healthy takes shed loads of consistent effort. Staying in a long term relationship takes shed loads of consistent effort. Making money same. These are THREE areas that are ‘primary’ to happiness in the 21st century.

It is funny how the last of the three on this list is the one that most humans concentrate on FIRST. Money.

FRESH…. fresh?…. what has ‘fresh’ got to do with anything?

FRESH my friends is how to stay consistent.

If you want to keep your woman/man happy keep it ‘fresh’

If you want to make more money keep it ‘fresh’

If you want to make more of your health and fitness….yep….KEEP IT FRESH!!

I am not going into a whole psychoanalytical tutorial as to the meaning of ‘fresh’ I am hoping that if you are reading this you have at least five brain cells and get it that ‘fresh’ means ‘interesting’, ‘new’, ‘varied’.  Not varied as in having multiple lovers whilst in a relationship. Not varied as in having multiple streams of (no) income. Not varied as in having gym memberships you do not use.

As a pro P.T.I this is my vocation, it is my reason to and for being. I do not do it for recreation but I do it for recreation.

Fresh 1

The above photo shows me and my woman after taking part in the ‘back to the trenches’ 10k recently. As you can see we are both ‘rotten’ freezing cold, wet through and covered in mud. (how do women keep their faces clean?)

The top photo shows a new piece of workout equipment I made recently for ‘Dynamo’.

Both pictures show new variety to keep things ‘fresh’.

We both do roadwork as a base to fitness. Generally we do not throw ourselves into freezing muddy water with hundreds of others.

We both punch bags as part of our boxing based workouts. Generally we do not punch a 70k truck tyre. (has to be one of THE best punch bags I have ever used).

I have been working out for about 45/6 yeas now. I should be bored shitless. I am not…… WHY?

Firstly I understand that MY fitness is THE priority in my life. I attribute time to my fitness BEFORE anything else. (sadly ‘most’ humans do not get this concept)

Second FIRSTLY I keep it FRESH. I consistently do not do the same workout.

If you are one of my clients, neither do you.



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