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Permission to give up!

Posted by Dynamo on 20th May 2016

Life imitates life, never is this truer than when people attempt higher levels of positive personal action.

I see it all in the psychological game that is fitness.

Smoking, drinking, eating, moving, rarely are these supported by those around the subject trying to change them. People are strange they profess support but apply sabotage.

Yesterday I had a meeting that started at 09:30 and finished at 11:45. I had a 75 minute drive to get there. 10 mins from my house I hit stupid traffic. 08:15 traffic! Enough said.


15 mins into my journey I knew I was not going to make my meeting, I then realise that I have left content needed for my 12:30 meeting in my other car. IDIOT!

I pull over and text message the co-ordinator to say I will be late. “NO PROBLEM” is the reply.

30 minutes later I receive another text telling me not to worry if I cannot get to the meeting (PERFECT GET OUT)

It would have been very easy to just ease off and change my planned route. I know the organiser very well and just text back with the word “SSH”

I got to the meeting at 11:00. There were 25 people already set up and taking part. After the obligatory piss taking from my lateness subsided I thanked the group for their understanding. I then listened to a piece delivered by a copywriter on ‘credibility’ and how your website needs substantiated and credible claims not over exaggerated bull s***.


At the end of the meeting, I thanked the organiser for giving me the opportunity to NOT attend if it had now become inconvenient and difficult.

I have a very good, bad reputation for making people either DO what they say they are going to do OR excepting responsibility for talking s*** and not doing what they say they are going to do.

When I say I am going to do something, I DO IT!

If I didn’t then I would have NO credibility.

I appreciated the organisers offer of “PERMISSION TO GIVE UP” in my efforts in getting to the meeting, I ignored the permission as I never give anyone least of all myself ‘permission to give up‘.

If you are one of my clients I will never give you permission to give up.




Posted by Dynamo on 15th March 2016

I am standing in a group of business people as a guest of a company owner showcasing his services.

As is the way with these gatherings complete strangers introduce themselves their products and services, as is also  ALWAYS the way with these gatherings finger food is served.

Generally its either a chicken goujon, vol au vents and wine affair OR its cake, juice and coffee.

This one was the latter, danish pastry, croissants, muffins and rock cakes washed down by some s*** coffee and sugar loaded ‘fruit juice concentrate’.

I notice a number of half eaten cakes. They look rough but you would think that the cake eater would at least either finish the cake or pop the unwanted portion into a bin….I digress.

Another invited business owner has sidled over, ascertained that I am in the health and fitness industry and is enthusiastically telling me about their ‘fantastic’ yogurt based culture laden probiotic natural digestion balancing drink. This Probiotic food stuff would be the answer to ALL my over design weight clients that struggle to manage their weight. No exercise or food management needed.

Pray tell says I..

‘Its ALL about the cultures you see’ ….If you have ‘bad’ cultures they make you eat bad things. If you drink my yogurty good stuff, you just do not want to eat that BAD stuff. The good ‘cultures’ balance your gut thus inhibiting the neuropathways requesting sustenance from fatty sugary sources.

So its not because people lack discipline and have no willpower says I.

No no noo, says said business owner, it’s the BAD cultures, drinking my yogurty good stuff will kill off the bad cultures and replace them with good cultures thus removing the cravings for sugary food stuff, pizza blah blah.

Oh says I.

I have to point out at this juncture that said business owner, creator and purveyor of yogurty good stuff is way over its design body weight and munching on a rock cake.

I point at said rock cake.

Culture creator wipes some crumbs from its face and gives a little giggle.

PROBIOLLOX says I, I know ALL about Probiollox. No Pro and No i, just BOLLOX.

There is only one way. The H.A.R.D way.


Human Anatomy Reorganisation Department.

Building buildings

Posted by Dynamo on 26th February 2016

I am expanding. Happily not around my waist.

January was a great month for my personal training efforts and I know through the data collected by my team at ‘Dynamo’ it was a great month for my clients. One of my quotes to new clients is. ‘the fitter you are, the better you are’. I am NO different. Everything is easier the fitter you are.

February has been a tough month (for all the best reasons) I have taken on more clients personally. This has had the knock on effect of giving me less time. ‘Dynamo’ has taken on more clients. This creates a higher management requirement which in turn requires more attention. Oh and the new gym in East Grinstead is nearing completion.

12744332_10209274485158592_3166038576766985495_n - Edited

As I write this I am in Ireland with one of my old clients looking at his very impressive latest personal building project. This fella and his brother are in the construction industry and were two of my very first actual P.T clients paying me ‘proper’ money to train them. Through weekly repeated training they benefited from my efforts. I benefited from them paying me every month, their understanding that fitness is the ‘key’ but ‘time is money’ really helped me build my business. My relentless determination to keep them training helped them to build their fitness and their fitness has helped them build their business.

I put a video on the ‘Dynamo’ Fb page earlier this month. Basically it said ‘Do not give up on January just because it is February’.

Well it is nearly MARCH!!

Have you given up building your 2016 buildings? Or are you like me and my old client sticking to the brief (however inconvenient) and ‘marching’ (see what I did there? oh please yourselves) on relentlessly towards fitness and riches?


I am building a brand new building a brand new P.T team, and a brand new client base in East Grinstead. Basically I am building a brand new business with my brand new (old) body.


I am expanding.

Are you?

Stay fit.



Posted by Dynamo on 29th January 2016

…Moreover the ‘lack’ of it.
As I write this blog I am sitting in the lounge area of a cross channel ferry at Newhaven. The weather is s*** and the boat has been delayed. It is now midday. The bar is open and other travellers are drinking beer and wine. I am not. It would be VERY easy to join them and partake in a few beverages. It is, is it not, Friday? I am, am I not, going to France? That is, is it not, a holiday? No drinking on a weekday does NOT f****** apply when on HOLIDAY. Right!!?

Friday is not the weekend and I am not on holiday. Also the boat being delayed is not another excuse on top of all the other excuses to drop my disciplined approach to alcohol consumption on a weekday.
It is now 13:00 (I keep getting interrupted) for the last 2 hours I have been presented with 3 very real/credible/imaginary ‘excuses’ to drop my resolve.

1. Going to France is a holiday.
2. The boat is delayed.
3. Other people are drinking.
4. Its the weekend.
5. I am wearing jeans.

The eagle eyed among you may have noticed that there are 5 ‘excuses’ not 3. Well I just made up the last two ….. and the first 3. They are in fact all ‘made up’.
To attain, retain and maintain fitness requires repetitive discipline.
To retain, maintain and attain a body composite that is equal to your biologically designed mass, requires constant discipline.
Cookies do not make you fat. Eating too many of them does.
Alcohol does not make you an alcoholic. Drinking too much of it does.
Sleeping does not make you unfit. Not moving enough does.
You need it.
I have it.
Come and get it.

Hydration and I.T

Posted by Dynamo on 18th January 2016

Firstly apologize for the huge gap in blog continuity. I had a computer glitch. I seriously hate computers. For me they never do the same thing twice, that is a bit of a lie, sometimes they do the same thing with the same instruction and then just as I think I have got the hang of it….. f*** UP…the bastard thing just goes all random. Its me of course, I understand that it is me that is the weak link. Since September I have been fighting the computer. Last week I gave up and bought myself a shiny new lap top. I hate the f****** thing just as much as I hated the last computer, because of course the same retard is working it. Such is life.

So to this blog on hydration. Why hydration again?

Over Xmas I saw all the shiny new push bikes being wobbled about on by born again bikers, squashed into Lycra. They were being chased down by the day glow clad spangly trainer joggers huffing and puffing, smugly getting a head start to their new year new ‘them’. My thoughts were all about how they had set themselves up for this NEW YEAR new you exercise activity.


Also all this personal physical activity was being self promoted ALL over social meedya, right next to the same persons late night antics. Very impressive! Or is it?


Well I think not. I am  a Pro P.T.I. My primary objective is to instill fitness in others. Why then am I not impressed by physical activity in the previously sedentary? Firstly I would not take an inactive semi alcoholic (Xmas drink specialist) far over its design weight and think it was a great idea to take it on a 20 mile pedal. Or for that matter a 10k jog. I was fairly inactive myself over Xmas and I was definitely more active in the pub.

Look I am not knocking enthusiasm, I love enthusiasm. I have observed enthusiasm and the over enthusiastic over MANY years. Its a bit like being VERY enthusiastic about having sex with someone you really fancy. Sadly it generally doesn’t last long. Of course It doesn’t have to be like that, with a little prior preparation the rewards are HUGE.

Why do we need to hydrate?

That is a BIG question which I am going to break down and summarize so stay awake but ostensibly it is THE ultimate in prior preparation.

Injury prevention, digestion, performance(physical/mental) and recovery. That is it. Those four thing are your primary/only reasons to be hydrated. Simple eh.

Well no actually its not, however I am going to give you some methods to achieve hydration and experience the benefits that come with it.

45 mins before you get up, drink a glass (pint) of water. This will set up your body balance. Some of you smart arses will make reference to the ‘before you get up’ comment. Get a life.

15 mins Prior to and during each meal sip water. This will set up and then assist your digestion.

During your day consume at least a liter of water. (this is in ADDITION to the ‘before you get up’ and meal time hydration)

Prior to and during exercise take on at least 1 liter of water. (at least) Not ‘just’, you can drink more but I doubt you will find that easy.

An hour before you go to bed consume half a pint of water, this will assist your hydration state and provide a better platform for restful sleep.


When you wake up from your restful sleep in the middle of the night needing a piss, take on a couple of mouthfuls of water from your bedside glass. Repeat as necessary during the sleep/piss/sleep phase of your existence.

My unwritten study in summary (of which I have many) on the ‘actual’ hydrated state compared to that of a hydration state is this:-

When I consume alcohol (Friday, Saturday and Sunday evening) coffee and tea plus 3 litres of water a day I am generally always thirsty but piss for England. I seem to perform OK physically and mentally but I am susceptible to injury if I push myself after a weekend with higher levels of alcohol.

When I consume less or no alcohol (January & October) and less coffee or tea but still drink at least 3+ litres of water a day I piss much less but perform physically and mentally at a higher level. I experience little or no injuries.

To attain complete hydration is quite tricky and easily disrupted. However the benefits of increased performance from hydration are a joy to experience.

Try it.





Busy Busy but NO excuses!

Posted by Dynamo on 8th September 2015

This summer has been MENTAL!

Wedding in Paxos. What a LOVELY place.

Overseas events including parties in Spain and Dublin. The Barcelona Formula 1 Grand Prix. Le Mans 24 heures and my own training camp for those wanting to improve their fitness at my fitness facility in northern France.

Although a third of my client base has been away on holiday all through the summer we have been FLAT out!!

Some of that has been due to having at least ONE of my team of trainers off every week. (They need holidays too ) Mainly it has been because ‘Dynamo’ has been engaged by more clients wanting to increase their fitness levels.

Keeping humans in my charge focussed on the job of heath and fitness during holiday season is where I really earn my money. It is ridiculously easy to go on the piss, eat s*** and do f*** all.


Holiday season is over. All the clients are back in. I have got rid of one of my unreliable trainers but recruited another (seriously not easy to find quality AND reliability) Time will tell how good he is.

MORE candidates are enquiring about joining, so far this week I have taken on 4 new clients and it is only Tuesday!

It is going to be a busy last third of the year!

I am going to need to be fit for purpose. I need to be fitter. I need MORE energy. I need to work SMART and HARD!! Now more than EVER I need to eat the right stuff and train consistently. I need to be ALERT. I need to be physically STRONG. My days are 06:00 to 20:00 5 times a week. I need a plan. I have a plan. All I have to do is stick to the phuckin plan.




I suspect we are not too dissimilar?

Stay fit.


Any questions e mail me

Training Camp France

Posted by Dynamo on 28th July 2015

I leave with Jessie the chef (ok she is my woman but she is also a top cook and BRILLIANT with nutrition) and ‘Dyna’ the Bulldog (she is a Bull dog not a chef) for my fitness facility in Normandy France on Thursday morning 30/07/15.


I cant fookin wait!!

With just under a week to set up and prepare before the candidates arrive on 06/08/15 I will be up against it.

As with ‘anything’ worth doing/having/achieving there is LOADS of work to do prior to the commencement of 3 intense days. The course will be packed full. Effective movement, classroom ‘lessons’ on psychology, nutrition and hydration plus general pfhucking about in the French countryside. My training facility is a work in progress. I have built it from scratch by myself. It is NOT a 5 star pamper spa style place. More a NO nonsense ‘focussed’ on health and fitness without the BS.

This course has FOUR candidates and is a combined fitness course, what I mean by ‘combined’ is an amalgamation of skill sets. Boxing, Military and standard ‘gym’ type training. This gives me a WIDE range of useful effective and exciting training types to apply.


The candidates are both sexes, age from 30 to 62 are fit, unfit and Phfucked 🙂 Three of the candidates are current clients and one was a client about 5 years ago and is now a Personal trainer.

I have current knowledge of their training and medical background, on top of this I have also asked for THREE personal expectations they want from the weekend.

All this preparation puts me in the best possible position to deliver ‘expectation’.

When I was in the military both Royal Navy and Army taught me that …..

‘Prior preparation prevents PISS poor PERFORMANCE’

My preparation has been intense over the last couple of weeks. I have written a course to fit FOUR individuals with FOUR different objectives and TWEVLE different expectations. All within the SAME timeframe.

I am eager to get on the ground in France and get what I have written off the page. I am confident that my preparation will ‘over’ deliver on my clients expectation.

FOUR clients. FOUR objectives. TWELVE expectations. ONE acceptable outcome. SIMPLE not EASY.

See you in a couple of weeks.

Stay fit.


If you have any questions on this or any other blog then please e mail me I have taken the ‘comment’ option off due to all the idiots talking shite.

Its not what you do, its the ‘WAY’ that you do it.

Posted by Dynamo on 8th July 2015

Titter ye not!

Comedian, Frankie Howerd, on stage.

Comedian, Frankie Howard, on stage.

The ‘WAY’ you do IT is the single most important component to ‘effective movement’. (yes people, especially ‘THAT’ movement!!)

Ok if your objective is to ‘just’ move, then just move. However if your objective is to attain a result then the WAY you execute the movement is CRITICAL.

Every gym I have been in has mirrors. My gym is NO different. The difference between my gym and ‘other’ gyms is  that in most other gyms the mirrors get used by humans ‘looking’ at themselves and perving at others.

In my gym the mirror is used as an effective TOOL, another piece of equipment, a very VALUABLE piece of equipment strategically placed to assist my trainers and my clients in attaining ‘proper’ form.

Take a look at my ‘Dynamo’ Fb page pictures for some examples.

The mirror is not there for you to look at YOURSELF doing an exercise, it is there for you to look at the EXCECUTION of the exercise that you are being instructed to administer to yourself.


Attaining proper form is in my opinion, foundation training. If my client has ‘proper’ form then they are working off a stable base. The exercise is executed to maximise desired benefit. The risk of ‘movement’ injury is therefore minimised if not eradicated. It is a win, win, win. Quality form. Accelerated result. NO injuries.


Evander Holyfield wrote in an article titled ‘The mirror NEVER lies’  that I read some years ago, something like ‘If I can see an opening in the mirror, then my opponent can see the same opening’.


My boxing club has specific shadow boxing mirrors for my boxers to use, they look at their footwork and the ‘openings’ that their opponents may get presented with. They spend ‘hours’ working on aspects of offense and defence.

I have more women than men at ‘Dynamo’, most of them hate looking at themselves in the mirror. ALL of them get taught or are in the process of being taught that the mirror is a key tool to successful personal goal attainment. It is also the best progression monitor.

As a foot note.

If you have a mirror on your bedroom ceiling but do not have a ‘friend’ then may I suggest that it was not what you did, it was the way that you did it that renders you single. (well that and you being a wrongun)



Delusion Destruction using DATA.

Posted by Dynamo on 18th June 2015

It is ALL about EFFORT!

We all know this, trouble is ‘delusion’ overrides EFFORT. Sadly delusion does not override desire it just frustrates it.


Here is a ‘mathematical?’ equation for you to ponder.


DESIRE+DELUSION=ZERO (followed by a f*** load of b******* excuses)

To beat a world record in anything takes planning. DATA is the key in the planning of a successful world record breaking attempt.

If you want to beat a world record without cheating then you have to take the cheating OUT of the world record attempt.


Obviously this statement is applied here in its purest form as DATA will always be applied to a ‘cheat’ world record.


Let us just imagine that ‘you’ are cheating on your effort thus falling into the ‘deluded’ category of humans with desire.

How can you STOP the cheating? DATA my friends. Use DATA.

We have discussed the mental aspects previously, we understand that it is 99% in the/your head. You ‘have’ to realise that a full on mind set change HAS to happen  if you are to achieve your ‘world record’.

DATA is the first weapon you have to fight personal delusion. There is lots of data to record. However as with anything you need a solid FOUNDATION of ‘basic’ data before you get ‘clever’ with data.

1. Record EVERY workout you do. DAY. DATE. TIME.

note pad

Seriously people I meet SO many humans that tell me they work out EVERY f****** day and eat like an athlete but strangely have not lost a pound, got faster, stronger etc and then when pushed we see that they have trained ONCE in the last month and ate mainly KFC! They booked time to go. They booked LOTS of time to go. (this booking time had a mental placebo/lie effect) They convinced themselves they were doing one thing when in reality they were doing another……..DELUDED.


OK, so if in the first instance you record WHEN you worked out. You would then have an ‘accurate’ record of if you  ‘actually’ did work out.

Initial DATA.


We can get simplistically clever after applying this first CRITICAL bit of DATA.

stop watch

I am sure you are intelligent enough to see where this is going. Data stops us being deluded. Data is the key to supplying ‘higher’ performance. In ALL areas data is key but within fitness performance, weight management, power out put, endurance, condition etc etc etc then DATA is SO important if you are NOT keeping records of what you are doing. Then I can guarantee that your ‘fitness/health’ desire will remain just that, a desire. You will convince yourself you are working hard and I will call you DELUDED.

Apply DATA. Destroy your DELUSION.




Physically MENTAL!

Posted by Dynamo on 8th June 2015

Are you f****** MENTAL?


Big question and depending on what context you apply, you should be actively wanting the answer to be a resounding YES!!

To clarify. The term MENTAL for the purposes of this blog is NOT directed at humans that actually ‘have’ a mental illness condition. Although it ‘could’ be as during my career as a pro PTI I have worked positively with ‘MANY’ humans using higher levels of fitness as a method of dealing with ‘issues’. Remember FITTER is BETTER.

Anyway, if you are actually ‘mental’ or want to be MENTAL. This blog is for YOU!

99% of fitness is in the head . We all know this. If you need to lose weight it is your mental strength that gets you to lose weight. It is not the healthy food stuffs and hydration that pass from hand to mouth to gut.

It is your ‘mental’ state.

I was at a family do last week and my younger brother suggested I was ‘mental’ whilst alluding to the exercise routines I partake in. He flippantly remarked ‘you probably do a marathon before breakfast’….. (I wish)

French love full English breakfast

Depending on who you ask regarding my mental state I am pretty certain he would be backed up by many.

It got me thinking about perception. I go to many business functions, generally these revolve around food and alcohol. I am always put on the spot by some chubby bright spark that is tucking into a ‘fat boy’ fry up or ‘spannered’ supping a pint…. ‘Oh you CANT eat this’… ‘I bet you do not drink do you’.. Sorry fella but I LOVE a fry up and a pint of beer (generally not at the same time).


I love these exchanges as it gives me an opportunity to do a tiny bit of mind-set manipulation. I am aware that people perceive me as some ‘mental’ fitness addict that only eats healthy, never drinks alcohol and runs everywhere. More utter bollox has not been assumed since David Cameron announced that ‘free’ childcare could be supported to 30hrs per week. MENTAL!

I eat s*** and drink beer. I just don’t do it all the time.

Does the weather stop you going for a run? No. It is your head that stops you going for a run. If you miss a split time on your run, I can almost guarantee that it will be what is going on ‘in’ your head that misses the split, not the food you ate etc pre event that missed the split.

Mentality is ‘everything’. To achieve a higher level in ANYTHING requires a higher level of mental activity.

Funnily enough if you go to the office/work at 04:30 and return at 22:00 whether you become minted or not you will be labelled a hard worker.

If you get up at 04:30, take exercise go to work, stay late. You will be called MENTAL.


Are you ‘f****** Mental’?

I do hope so.