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Posted by Dynamo on 29th January 2016

…Moreover the ‘lack’ of it.
As I write this blog I am sitting in the lounge area of a cross channel ferry at Newhaven. The weather is s*** and the boat has been delayed. It is now midday. The bar is open and other travellers are drinking beer and wine. I am not. It would be VERY easy to join them and partake in a few beverages. It is, is it not, Friday? I am, am I not, going to France? That is, is it not, a holiday? No drinking on a weekday does NOT f****** apply when on HOLIDAY. Right!!?

Friday is not the weekend and I am not on holiday. Also the boat being delayed is not another excuse on top of all the other excuses to drop my disciplined approach to alcohol consumption on a weekday.
It is now 13:00 (I keep getting interrupted) for the last 2 hours I have been presented with 3 very real/credible/imaginary ‘excuses’ to drop my resolve.

1. Going to France is a holiday.
2. The boat is delayed.
3. Other people are drinking.
4. Its the weekend.
5. I am wearing jeans.

The eagle eyed among you may have noticed that there are 5 ‘excuses’ not 3. Well I just made up the last two ….. and the first 3. They are in fact all ‘made up’.
To attain, retain and maintain fitness requires repetitive discipline.
To retain, maintain and attain a body composite that is equal to your biologically designed mass, requires constant discipline.
Cookies do not make you fat. Eating too many of them does.
Alcohol does not make you an alcoholic. Drinking too much of it does.
Sleeping does not make you unfit. Not moving enough does.
You need it.
I have it.
Come and get it.

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