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Why setting a goal equals success!

Why do you need to set a goal?

As the performance evaluation coach at Dynamo Training I measure client’s performance to monitor progression or in some cases deterioration. Deterioration doesn’t often happen……….if you have a goal!

I believe it is important to set goals. It doesn’t matter what the goal is or how long it is going to take, as long as you have something that you can work towards. Without a goal what is it you are trying to achieve?

GOAL = We generally get what we focus on

A goal gives you something to drive for and focus on. Without a goal you will often find that unintentionally your fitness will start to deteriorate (remember maintenance is also a goal). You start to become complacent…..and then the excuses begin, “It’s a friends Birthday”, “It’s only a couple of drinks”, “I’m too tired today” or even “I just don’t feel like it”

Set a GOAL

Having a goal makes you more likely to stay on track, you can still socialise, however your mindset is different and you consider the healthier eating options and having that one drink less. It really does make all the difference. You are also more likely to put less effort into your training without a goal, because you have nothing specific to focus on.

I started 2018 without a goal!

Last year I completed my first half marathon and although this was completion of my goal, I was left feeling slightly disappointed with my performance on the day. I decided that my goal for this year was to do another half marathon, but better my performance, however I found myself procrastinating and at the start of February had not yet registered for one. I realised that had to change, to motivate me and give me a date to aim for. I then booked onto the Hastings Half Marathon . Now that I have my goal I am more determined to train harder and eat better to achieve the best time possible.

Remember there are many types of goals:

-Weight Loss

-Muscle Build

-Obstacle Race

-Mud Run


-5 km, 10 km, Half Marathons

These are just a few gym based goals you can have.

When setting your goals they need to excite you and be something that matters to you. They need to be well balanced and realistic. People who set unrealistic goals generally fail to achieve them. Setting smaller targets in achieving your goals makes you more likely to succeed. A good example of this is a client trying to lose weight, although their overall target may be in excess of 3 stone, we have focused on a smaller more manageable targets E.G 2 pounds or half a % body fat loss each week. They have an overall target they want to get to but they are mainly focusing on each week and making sure they eat well during the week and getting in the gym as much as possible.

Remember….. the people that succeed are the ones with the goals and you generally achieve things that you have a specific focus on. Achieving what you set out to do makes you feel good. Now go and set a goal….and make sure you tell us what it is, we will help you achieve it!!

Lee West – Performance Evaluation Coach at Dynamo Training

If you are failing to get motivated/set goals with your fitness or Nutrition then please get in touch.



New Year, New you! – Part 2

Part 2 – Top Tips

Its all in your HEAD

In part one of my blog I talked about how the biggest thing that is stopping you from achieving your goals is yourself! That voice in your head that says: “stop now, you feel uncomfortable” or “stay in bed, you don’t NEED to go to the gym”

Rarely are most people required to push themselves past the point of being uncomfortable or in pain. Most people stop way before they are at their “limit”. I am going to tell you some simple tricks that I incorporate into my own Personal Training

During a set of press ups for example. If you normally get to ten then “need” to put your knees down before carrying on, try getting into your head that you will get to at least 11 before even dreaming of putting those knees down. Then when you’re able to achieve this regularly, employ the same mentality and have 12 reps as a target, then 13 etc.

If on a run, you can use landmarks or street furniture as targets. When you are getting tired, tell yourself you’ll just run to the next lamppost or sign, and when that target arrives tell yourself you can just run to the next one. See how far you can get!! This is also a good example of when employing a personal trainer can help. Having someone running with you or cycling next to you telling you to run to the next lamp post is more likely to make you do it. It is easier to quit when there is nobody to see it.

A little mental tactic I like to employ during a tough run or a workout is to tell myself that a loved one is in trouble and needs my help, and that I need to get to them/complete a given physical task in order to rescue them from danger. I find this keeps my mind focused on keeping going no matter how tired or uncomfortable I am, and pushing back any negative thoughts that try and creep in, until the job or workout is done!

If you can start with simple tactics like this to try and complete a run or a workout, you will soon see progressions in your fitness and strength levels. Likewise, if you suffer a setback throughout the year that could potentially derail your efforts thus far, put into practice the same mindset- focus on pushing that little bit further and keep moving forwards!

Later this year, I will be “yomping” (marching over difficult terrain whilst carrying kit/equipment) 100 miles in 36 hours for The Royal Marines Charity  During this event and training for it, I am going to have to certainly dig deep into my physical reserves to complete the distance. But more so than that, I am going to have to keep ignoring those little voices that tell me to stop or take a day off and keep putting one foot in front of the other till I cross that finish line!

So if you were one of those people that started off the new year with a boom and have now fallen off track then get back out there again! Get out running, walking, swimming, employ a personal trainer or a nutrition adviser.

BUT most importantly IGNORE that inner voice!


Its all in your HEAD!


P.s If you wish to donate for my 100 mile “yomp” here is the link:

Adam’s Just Giving Page


Motivation Monday

Motivation – What’s Yours?

I am very fortunate with my training and motivation because I work at and my husband Martin is the owner of “Dynamo” Training Centre and HARD Fitness

This means that along with all the other members of staff I get to train every week day at 3pm for an hour. This is when we all train, it is part of the mandate of working at these gyms. Martin insists that his staff all have to “look the part” and live the part. Lets face it there is nothing worse than going along to a fitness class only to find that the instructor is over weight and unfit! ALL of our personal trainers are fit for purpose.

During the week if you pass by Dynamo Training in South Croydon you may very well see motivated people doing some diverse physical training!

During the week I do not suffer lack of motivation because training is part of my daily routine but the weekend is SO different!

I have goals. I have had one particular goal for 6 years! I am failing at reaching this goal because I undo all of the hard work I do during the week at the weekend and also because my body has got used to my 1 hour daily workout. I know that I need to eat better and do some exercise at the weekend BUT….. It’s the weekend!?!?

SO in October I signed up to do a 8 week kick start fat loss nutrition programme with Louise our nutrition adviser. I absolutely loved it! I have learned so much and lost over 4KG. I have carried on with the nutrition again once Christmas was over and I am sticking to it and feeling so good, however my motivation to train at weekends has been lacking.

I used to live in Hastings and have a friend that still lives there. We were struggling to schedule time for a get together and then I saw on Facebook that she had taken up running and had completed her first park run! Brilliant!

I had a crazy idea!

I text my friend Trudie about my crazy idea. “How about I drive down to you, we run the park run together and then go for breakfast?”. Ok she says if your sure? “. the next couple of days I feel pumped thinking what a great idea I had. Then it starts raining and raining and raining. We have a couple of storms and cold spells. Reality dawns…..

Hastings park run is NOT held in the park (go figure) it is held on Hastings seafront. I start thinking “Why did I agree to this?” (it was my idea). I start thinking hopefully Trudie will drop out! Maybe i will fall down a hole?! It will be so windy! I will have to get up early on a Saturday! I hate running!………….

I leave it until Friday afternoon to text Trudie. She quickly replies that yes she is still up for it! SH*T!! Now I have to do it because it was MY idea and I said I would. So sat morning I get up at 6am, get ready, walk the dog and at 7.30am set off on the 40 minute drive to Hastings (after scarping the ice off the car). I rock up to Trudie’s, we get in her car and happily drive to the seafront, meet her friend and at 9am we along with over 300 people start the Hastings 5k park run.


I run my own race and leave Trudie to run with her new running partner. I annoyingly have worn a million clothes and it’s not that cold and the sun came out. It was stunning!!! I finished the park run in 29:02 minutes. I did’t break any records but I did it! I waited for Trudie and cheered her on as she finished. We all felt fantastic. We then went for a delicious breakfast and catch up.

If I had not come up with this idea then I would have 100% been still in bed. Motivation comes when you least expect it. I was motivated to see Trudie and I was motivated to do some form of exercise, plus I love breakfast!

What can you use as motivation to get going?

If you are lacking motivation and need a personal trainer then get in touch.