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Personal Training Croydon, icon Amateur Boxing Club

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Personal Training Croydon, Training area Personal Training Croydon, Training area Personal Training Croydon, Climbing wall with a message


  • Personal Training Croydon, checkbox icon Wanting to compete at amateur level
  • Personal Training Croydon, checkbox icon Able to attend regularly

Session fees

3 day programme *£85 P.C.MPer session: £6.50
Monday, Wednesday and Friday

Session times

JUNIORS 12-15YRS 18:00 19:00
SENIORS 16-30YRS 19:00 20:00
  • No contracts!
  • One month's notice to quit (to be taken from your payment date)


  •          WILL NUTRITION
  •          SKILL HYDRATION
  •          POWER CARDIO
  •                 ENDURANCE

“Dynamo” Amateur Boxing Club Croydon is for aspiring male and female competitive boxers. This is your opportunity to join an active fighting boxing club. “Dynamo” ABC Croydon is a fully affiliated ABA boxing club in London. Your safety and competence is our main concern. Fitness and skill levels will be assured prior to your first contest as a “Dynamo” club boxer.

  • Skipping
  • Road Work
  • Pad Work
  • Bag Work
  • Circuits
  • Sparring
  • Competition
What does it cost?

*£85 pcm via standing order. My apologies but 'Dynamo' ABC does not accept card transactions.

How do I get started?

Send an enquiry requesting a fitness assessment . We need to do a fitness assessment.
We need any relevant medical information and an appraisal of your current fitness, coordination and flexibility prior to you joining the rest of the club.
The cost of this assessment is £25.00

What do I need on my first visit?

Comfortable training kit: shorts, vest and trainers.
DO NOT eat for at least 2 hours prior to your session.
Water, hydration is critical.
Small towel.
If you have boxing hand wraps, boots, gloves etc do bring them, if not we will lend you our kit until you get sorted.
You can also purchase wraps, gloves and mouth guards from us via the shop link and collect from the gym.
£25.00 for your fitness assessment.
*£85 pcm for your first months training.
Bank details to start your standing order.

* relates to £6.50 per session based on attending 3 sessions per week.

Please send me an enquiry using the button on the right and I will call you.


By submitting your enquiry you are confirming that you are committed to your Fitness objectives.